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Mean while at site ██ in 2040

Dr. Jack is site director

John, now head of security

Dr. Freeman retired

Dr. █████, died

Dr. Coal Intercom guy

Dr. Booth, dead

Dr. Limmar, also dead

Dr. Stanferd, retired

Chaplin Stewvick, high rank MTF officer

Any names like John, Bob, and Merrco they're security or MTF personnel

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Dr. ████: okay, approach SCP 049

D 10000: No!

Dr. ████: yes, wanna save humanity?

D 10000: no!

Dr. ████: Okay send her to termination, class D refuses to test!

D 10000 grabs Dr. ████'s knife without hesitating

Dr. ████: shit!

D 10000 stabs him!

a security guard grabs his radio calling for help

Daniel: shit, shit! We have a rebellious class D here at sector █! All security personnel come to sector █, I repeat all security personnel come to sector █ *Radio Signal lost*

[S] Merco: come to the sector █!

Security personnel comes to █ tries to gun down D 10000, but they get killed

Dr. Stanferd: Dr. Jack!

Dr. Jack: what?

Dr. Stanferd: D 10000 killed Security Personnel!

Dr. Jack: shit!

D 10000 breaks into Dr. Jack's office

Dr. Jack: [R] D 10000 at my office, I need personnel to head there right now!

Dr. Jack: shit, well, hello class D what's up? Nice day eh? Shit, I'm fucked!

D 10000: guess what?

Dr. Jack: what?

10000 stabs Dr. Jack in the heart

Dr. Coal: [Intercom] Attention all personnel of site ██, get the fuck out of here immediately, Mobile Task force will come and deal with the class D, and the class D and now classified as dangerous! Any sightings of that class D need to be reported!

D 10000 comes to Dr. Coal's office

[S] John: Where is that Class D,

D 10000: Right here!

[S] John: oh shit! [R] Class D spotted near Dr. ██████'s office! I repeat Class D spotted near Dr. ██████'s offce!

D 10000: guess what?

[S]John: what?

D 10000 stabs John in the neck

Dr. Coal: [Intercom] MTF are coming to secure this site, all personnel get out of here now!

[M] Chaplin: [R] Dr. Coal!

Dr. Coal: [R] what?

[M] Chaplin: [R] MTF are here to secure this area and look for the class D

Dr. Coal: [R] thank god!

Dr. Coal: [Intercom] MTF personnel are coming to secure this area and look for the psycho class D, all personnel get out of here now!

a squad of security finds D 10000

[S] Gordon: [R] we have spotted the class D at sector F

[S] Fred: [R] come to sector F, Class D trying to cut the power lines

[S] Fred: class D, we have spotted you, now stop this nonsense!

D 10000 grabs Fred and force his face into an electrical box shutting down all power at Site ██

[S] Gordon: Fred! [R] D 10000 has electrocuted Fred!

[S] Barney: [R] shit!

Dr. Coal: [R] what the hell happened?

[S] Gordon: D 10000 smashed Fred's head into an electrical box, killing him and shutting down all power, she is at Sector F

Dr. Coal: [Intercom] D 10000 smashed a security personnel into an electric box killing him instantly and shutting down all power to this site, shit!

D 10000: Look behind you!

[S] Gordon: [R] Shit! *signal lost*

D 10000 kills Gordon and Barney

the Mobile Task Force arrives

Mean while in some helicopter

[M] Henry: oh god, I'm scared! What could the class D be? What if it's a monster! The class D killed like squads of Security, or at least that's what I heard

[M] Jake: Calm your ass down Henry, it's just a class D! This is why lots of people hated you in Middle School, because you're always being a paranoid bitch!

[M] Henry: At least I had a girlfriend

[M] Jake: your "girlfriend" was one year older then you, and smaller, she looked like a fucking 6th grader, small as fuck, like a midget! She didn't even like you at all!

[M] Henry: She did! And don't call her midget!

[M] Chaplin: Will you two just shut the fuck up? Stop talking about this Highschool shit!

[M] Chaplin: Jake, we're grown up, Henry is just a bit paranoid, and smart! This is why I hate working with cocky 20 something year olds! And I wasn't like you Jake when I joined the Mobile Task Force, I joined at the age of 24!

MTF helicopter lands

To be continued

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